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Important Update!


We are emailing you to let you know about an update to our privacy policy and data practices. Due to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are letting you know that we have made some changes to our Privacy Policy and the way we store your data, to provide greater transparency around how we collect and use your data. We collect your email address when you sign up to keep in touch with us and our content via newsletter and new updates. We will never share your information without your explicit permission. We honor your right to privacy and will comply with your wishes to remove your email from our systems. As part of this change, we are also providing further transparency and flexibility when it comes to the emails you’re signed up to receive from me. You can view those and make changes at any time through your preference center in the footer of any of our emails. You’ll also continue to be able to unsubscribe from all of our emails at any time! Thank you, The Sunday Girl Team

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