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Meeting Sydney Lima

We caught up with girl of the moment Sydney lima. Sydney hit headlines last year for her personal relationship with the dreamy Tom Odell. We met Sydney totally oblivious to this. We wanted to feature Syndey for her talented writing and wit (check out her Guest Piece in Issue 4), her incredible online presence, her kick ass modelling career, her venture into presenting and her work with charities. Newspapers listen up, girls are not who they are because of boys!!

How's 2017 looking Sydney?!

Potentially the best year yet. I want to get a lot done. Write more, drink less.

Killer moto. You’re pretty much nailing this whole career thing, any advice to girls wanting to follow their dream?

Go for it? It’s hard to day as I tend to envy people who know exactly what they want to do and are really driven. So i guess if you are lucky enough to know what it is that excites you then just crack on and don’t wait around. Don;t worry about what other people think, its a waste of time. And don’t compare yourself to others. With the whole social media world it’s easy to get caught up in it all, and sure use it to your advantages, but don’t let it drag you down.

Hell yes to that!! What's your advice to a heart broken teen?

Delete their number and avoid tequila at all costs.

Haha, took the words right out of our mouths sister. What would you tell your 16 year old self?

Please stop dying your hair and grow it out, you look ridiculous. No amount of cheap hair extensions will save you from that awful pixie cut.

And your style inspo at the moment?!

Madonna in the 80s. I only just discovered these old pictures of her by Steven Meisel. She was so great then..

YES SHE WAS! Who’s has a huge impact on your life? Have they moulded you as a person?

My mum and I have a a very Gilmore Girls-esque relationship. She’s given me most of music and film references which have often led people to believe i’m way cleverer than i actually am.

Grab Issue 4 for more images and Syndey's incredible Guest Piece all about Teen Love






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