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^^^^^^^^^ BRAND NEW VIDEO ^^^^^^^^

This year has been killer for new music and bands and we've been watching (and repeatedly playing) alt-pop/rock band, Yonaka.

Fronted by kick ass girl Theresa Jarvis, today the Brighton band are set to release their new EP, Heavy.

In all the excitement and suspense of the new music, we grabbed a chat with the coolest chick around right now, Theresa.

Sunday Girl: It's been a whirlwind time for you guys, have you been surprised by the response?

Theresa: The response has been so lovely and we hope that it only grows and gets bigger. I think the most overwhelmed I’ve been so far was at our recent headline show at The Borderline in London. It felt like eve

ryone was in it with us and getting massively involved; the feeling was real and i couldn't stop giggling because I was genuinely overwhelmed!

SG: How does it feel releasing your new music to your fans?

Theresa: It’s a brilliant feeling. We haven’t rushed releases through since signing with Atlantic. We’ve taken our time as we’ve wanted everything we put out to be the best it can be. Collectively, we love reading the comments from our fans on social media. Our EP is finally here and I believe it’s the best music we’ve ever written.

SG: Have you felt any more pressure with this EP after the incredible response to your single Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya?

Theresa: The only pressure is making it as perfect as we can. Our EP is five tracks so it’s taken a little while to perfect. We’ve worked with the incredible Rodaidh Mcdonald (Sampha, The xx) on it.

SG: You've played loads of festivals this summer, what was the highlight moment?

Theresa: I absolutely love playing festivals and we ended up playing so many big ones this summer like Download and Bestival. My personal favourite had to be Reading Festival as the crowd were going nuts. We were on pretty early but it didn’t stop anyone going for it!

SG: Who in the music industry would you say inspires you?

Theresa: Jeff Buckley and Amy Winehouse.

SG: What’s next? What are the goals?

Theresa: So much…obviously our new EP and we’ll be shooting a video for our track ‘Bubblegum’. We’re then heading out on our nationwide Hopscotch Tour in October (get tickets here). We just want to continue our journey with the amazing fans we already have while picking-up the rest of the world up on the way.

Make sure to keep up with Theresa and the band on Twitter, Facebook and check out all their music on Soundcloud!

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